A message from Mrs. Tufaro: 

Welcome to James Monroe! We want to assure you that we are creating a welcoming, positive and safe learning community for your children as they return to school. The James Monroe faculty and staff are committed to providing your children with the best and safest possible academic experience. 

The James Monroe administrative team thinks of your children as our own. As accessible and approachable school leaders, our goal is to provide clear and consistent communication to families within the school-community, developing a relationship that allows for a collaborative educational partnership.

Students are welcomed into the school building each morning through daily meetings with their teachers that foster relationships, develop trust, establish purpose and set a positive tone for the school day. Our staff participated in Responsive Classroom Training, a student-centered social and emotional learning approach to teaching. It is comprised of a set of research and evidence-based practices designed to create safe, joyful and engaging classrooms and school communities for students and faculty. The training reflects our school’s commitment to professional growth and learning and fostering strong relationships with our students.

Our kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms, which include in-class resources and self-contained settings for our special education population, afford students opportunities throughout the instructional day to use crucial skills such as communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Whether virtually or in-person, teachers plan lessons based on our district’s rigorous curriculum, which is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and meets the needs of all students through ongoing performance data, professional development and staff collaboration. Our staff communicates regularly with students and their families, and sets clear expectations for each class through online meetings, live lessons, recorded lessons and daily agendas.

Opportunities for social and emotional learning are woven throughout the school day with purposeful read-alouds of culturally responsive texts and lessons that promote understanding, acceptance, resilience and empathy. Our school’s diverse and inclusive population is the key to its success. The Monroe Motto – “Be Respectful, Try Your Best and Choose Kindness” – serves as our guiding principle. We view each day as an opportunity to grow and learn from one another. Our students receive support and guidance from school counselors, a school nurse, child study team members and Rutgers PATH counselors.

We develop strong leadership opportunities through peer mentoring and a range of activities for the students to explore their interests and engage in meaningful ways to serve our community through extracurricular activities, a school play, student-run school store and clubs. As this year unfolds, we anticipate nurturing these experiences and discovering exciting ways to deliver these important outlets.

All parents and legal guardians are encouraged to become active members of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). We are hopeful that you will be able to join us at our future events and want to assure you that the James Monroe community is here to assist you in any way. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Best wishes for a safe and successful school year!