First Grade

Dear First Grade Students,

We would like to welcome you to our first-grade family for the 2019-2020 school year.  We are looking forward to meeting all of you in September and cannot wait to do many fun and interesting activities with you.  There are many ways that you can prepare for first grade.  Please read to and with an adult during the summer.  Talk about the books and fall in love with the places or people you meet in these stories.  Please practice counting numbers forward and backward and notice where you can find numbers in the world.  Most of all-enjoy your summer together.  Discuss all the places you have gone to, as well as the activities and games you have done together.  Make this a summer of talking and having fun as a family!



The First Grade Teachers


The First Grade Teachers are looking forward to an exciting school year.  Below are supplies that will be needed for your classroom.


1 Glue Bottle


Earbuds / Headphones with a microphone

Hard, plastic pencil case (approximately 8” x 5”)

5 Dry Erase Markers (Expo only)

White Board

4 Folders (red, yellow, blue and green) **NOT MILTON/ELSAMNA**

Crayons (24 Count)


Pencil Erasers (Drews & Lin)

Hand Wipes *NOT LIN*

Snack, Sandwich & Gallon sized zip-lock bags (Lin- gallow size only)

Cleaning Wipes (except Lin)

5 Glue Sticks

2 Wide-ruled notebooks 


We may ask for additional supplies throughout the year.  We will let you know if we are running low on a certain item.  Thank you.