Below are the items that we are requesting that you purchase for your child, and our classroom.  All donations to your child's education are greatly appreciated.  


So that you can assist your child in carryingthe supplies, you may bring the donations to school when you attend the Kindergarten Orientation in August.  


Please place all items in a large plastic bag with your child's name on it.  You do not need to label each item within the bag, since all supplies are communal.  


*5 glue sticks

*A.M. class--gallon EZ ziploc bags

*P.M. class--quart EZ ziploc bags

*2 packs of baby wipes


*Earbuds or small headphones that will fit the Ipad (please write your child's name on them.  They will be kept in your child's backpack.)

*2 blue or back Expo markers (low odor, if available)

*1 box of Crayola crayons (24- count)



Each day, Please send your child with the following:


*A backpack (no wheels) and large enouch to hold a folder, library book and a snack.  

* A small and healthy snack with a drink (water or juice box)



Thank you!